Will Cold Weather Cause My Windshield Crack to Get Worse?

No matter what size crack appears in your windshield, it is a problem that you shouldn’t ignore and hope for the best. When the temperatures outside are approaching the frigid range frigid and there is a crack inside the windshield, it is important that you call an expert for auto glass houston at once.  If you allow a crack to persist when it is cold outside, it could be a decision that you soon regret.  A cracked windshield is a big concern for any driver.

More Damage in the Cold

Cold weather is going to make the crack much worse because it causes the window to expand and contrast once the temperatures increase again. The colder the temperatures, the worse the risk for cracks, damage, and added stress to the windshield. If the windshield endures temperatures below 32 degrees F, it is 60% more likely to cause the crack to spread and get worse!

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What About the Defroster?

Don’t assume that using the defroster in the car is all that you need to do to prevent cracks in the windshield from getting worse than they are already. In fact, the defroster can cause the same damages to the auto glass as the temperatures. Furthermore, when the temperature variations on the outside are drastically different than the temperatures on the inside, the glass becomes stressed and the result is larger cracks.

Make the Call

Call a window repair expert and leave all of the worries of damaged windshields behind you. You reduce the risk of the need to replace the windshield and improve safety for yourself and those around you. Replacing the windshield is an expensive venture, especially if prompt attention to the problem can resolve the issue quickly.